Welcome to Big Sky Worm Company.

Big Sky Worm Company

Now offering RED WIGGLER starter kits!!!



9 thoughts on “Welcome to Big Sky Worm Company.

  1. Thanks for checking in!!! Hopefully it will motivate me to do something with this site. I would like to use the “Lets talk wigglers” section to answer any questions that people may have. As I become more familiar with wordpress I will post up a blog w/ some pictures of the various methods that I use. It would be nice if others could post pictures of how they are raising worms also.

    Anyway, right now it’s just me and you Jim…so ask away and thanks for following my site.


    • My worms seem to not be growing. Before I was adding scraps: tomatoes ends, potatoes pealing, canalope rhynes cut up fine and mixing it it in the dirt. I tried leaving it on top and had ants everywhere. Am I suppose to put this all together in a container and let it rot and put it on top of one portion of my bin? The feed I am now using is put on top of the bin in 1/3 area until it is gone. I was able to get 5, 5 gallon buckets of horse manure and I’m letting it cure out. A friend of mine has several horses and i can get it for free. What am I doing wrong or right. I have a lot of worms but they are thin.

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  2. Hi Jim. I’ll try and get back to you sometime this weekend. For right now I’d say it’s best to just leave them alone. I’ll really try and explain things better and even post up some pictures for you


  3. I just opened up my starter kit box….first time trying to grow worms lived on the farm horses,pigs,cows, etc and worms were everywhere free and easy to harvest…but growing em well that’s another story…I have new storage bin/pit buried in the ground covered, ready for worms, and composting…some foods are decaying well…so I have the worms and casings whats next?

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  4. Hi Archie!

    Thanks for stopping by. Tell me a little more about what you’ve got going on in the ‘Lets talk wigglers section’. Give me some details about the bin/pit you’ve built. If you can take a picture and send it to my email on the home page. Tell me more about what you’ve been composting and if it’s hot right now or fully composted. Also tell me what your goal is with the worms…chickens, fishing, gardening etc.

    Great to have you here. Please feel free to browse and ask any questions you may have.


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