Vermicompost Production Bins

OSCR Plans (Chunk’s Worm bin)DSC01403 DSC01402 DSC01404

OK everyone I thought I would show a picture of my vertical flow through bin. The top right picture shows the bottom of the bin where castings are harvested. Since Red Wigglers like to stay in the top 2-4 inches of the bin very few worms if any are harvested. This also has the advantage of not disturbing the worms during the process of harvesting castings. I will try to explain more about this type of bin and others when time allows.

Vertical flow through wormbins are the most efficient method of raising worms or producing vermicompost. The largest producers of vermicompost use these very same bins! Albeit, on a much larger scale, automated hoppers for adding more material, automated watering, as well as a bar pulled on a winch that automates harvesting as well. The bin above is capable of holding 10-15lbs of worms if it is well cared for. I believe I had about 30 dollars into the project and a few hours of time.

7 thoughts on “Vermicompost Production Bins

  1. Could you post some basic blueprints for making this Veri compost production bin? Also some more pictures would be helpful maybe from different angles


  2. Hi Steve,

    Looks like I’ve been slacking off in the Vermicompost bin production thread! I had no blueprints for making the bin. It is modeled after the Oregon Soil Corporation Reactor. A friend of mine sent me the blueprint/instructions for making this bin. I will post it here soon. Basically it’s a box w/ 1” emt conduit for the ‘floor’ that are spaced 2” apart. Some people drill holes for the conduit but I chose to rest them on a 2’x4′ ledge and I filled the gaps w/ tile to keep the emt in place.

    I’ll try to get the plans posted in the next day or two. Google OSCR worm bin in the meantime, although I believe it may be difficult to find the plans for free. Clive Edwards Vermiculture Technologies will have info and pictures on how to build vertical flow through bins as well. The link for that is in the library. A must read if you’re looking to make a larger bin like this. Hope this helps.


  3. Love your website – very informative and I can tell you enjoy what you do. Looking forward to getting some red wigglers and getting started!


    • Awww. Well thanks Jackie I appreciate that. I’ve really only had the website running for a few months now and I can’t wait to get even more info and pictures up. What are you going to be using your Wigglers for?
      What type of bin and plan do you have for feeding them?



  4. Hey Steve!!!

    I came down with the flu recently. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. At the top of the page click on the OSCR plan. Incredibly detailed info. Probably too detailed for a guy like me! Hope it helps you out though. I will be building another vertical flow through as soon as I get time and I will make sure to post pics and intructions on how I build it. Thanks


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